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ALL ORDERS must be placed a minimum of 3 days prior to your arrival date. You can now pay your order via ZELLE. Note that we are experiencing extreme shortages on the island, so it is highly possible that we will have to substitute some items with similar products. Thank you for your understanding!

Fresh Baked Bread

Fresh Baked Bread

Quantity Image Item
Flour Tortillas


Our Price: USD 2.50
White Bread


Our Price: USD 4.25
Whole Wheat Bread


Our Price: USD 4.95
Hamburger Buns


Our Price: USD 3.95
Hot Dog Buns


Our Price: USD 3.95
Cinnamon Rolls

Locally made - 5 Cinnamon Rolls

Our Price: USD 16.00
Fresh Baked  Muffins - 6 pak

Locally made - 6 muffins - Assorted Flavors

Our Price: USD 16.00
Banana Bread (Small)

loaf - small

Our Price: USD 9.95
Banana Bread (Large)

Large Loaf

Our Price: USD 16.95

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