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NO SERVICE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! due to a personal emergency. We will resume service as soon as possible. Please place your order a minimum of 3 days prior to your arrival date! You can now pay your order via Zelle. Payment must be send to : carolesherbrooke@hotmail.com Please kindly note that we are experiencing shortages on the island, please expect some substitutions of products due to the unavailability of products. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Our Services

We Are not a grocery store, We are your Personal Grocery Shopper.

All prices are US dollars..

We deliver anywhere on Ambergris Caye and surrounding Cayes. We know all the local places to find you the best in produce, meats, fish and fresh groceries. We hand pick your products to insure you are receiving the best available products.

All of our perishable items are immediately transported to our high quality fridges and freezers for storage, when it's time for delivery they go into high quality coolers to ensure that the items remain as fresh and as cold as they were in the store itself.

Isn't it cheaper to shop for ourselves? Maybe! If you shop for yourself you'll either need to rent a golf cart or hire a taxi to drive you around and then there's the cost and hassle of getting your purchases to your rental unit. If you ever get the chance to see our delivery staff in action you'll know just how hard a job that can be. Unless you've visited Ambergris Caye many times you may also find yourself in one of the more expensive shops, which in itself could make the difference in the cost of our services.

Substitutions? If a requested item is not available we will substitute for an item of similar quality and price unless requested otherwise. We try to keep as many commonly available items as possible on our order form but day to day availability on most products means that sometime we never know what items might cross our paths. With that in mind, if you ask for it we'll look for it and if the price and quality are reasonable we'll purchase it for you. If we can't find an item we'll let you know.

Special Requests - Looking for something special during your vacation? A little surprise perhaps? Just let us know what you have in mind and we'll do our best to take care of it for you.

The staff at Lagniappe Provisioning have only one goal, to make your stay as relaxing and as pleasurable as possible so you'll continue to join us in Belize year after year.

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