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NO SERVICE FROM AUGUST 21ST TILL SEPTEMBER 4TH INCLUSIVELY AS I WILL BE OUT OF THE COUNTRY. ALL ORDERS must be placed a minimum of 3 days prior to your arrival date. You can now pay your order via ZELLE. Note that we are experiencing extreme shortages on the island, so it is highly possible that we will have to substitute some items with similar products. Thank you for your understanding!


"By the way, I must tell you how impressed we were, we even took pictures. Our food was put away and the rest displayed wonderfully."

"You run a top notch service. I ended up giving your website to some people at our resort for their next visit. It was wonderful."

"I was very pleased with your company during my visit to the island in August and look forward to our next trip. We'll be sure to place our order early so that the Belikin is cold."

"Just wanted to thank you for your help in making our trip to Ambergris Caye completely relaxing! It was GREAT to come in tired from a long day of travel and have everything we'd need for at least the first several days already taken care of. It really made a HUGE difference to all of us...we could grab a cold drink and snack and head straight to the pool. Everything was there for a filling and easy dinner, as well as for breakfast the next morning. Your service just made it a very easy beginning to a fantastic vacation! (Next time we'll order at least 2 loaves of cinnamon bread -- it was gone in a day!)"

"I was telling other sailors along the way what GREAT provisioning we had with you! I see franchise written all over it. We did enjoy our two weeks and all the great feasting along the way."

"The service was wonderful by the way and everything was wonderful. Thank you and regards"

"Thank you, the vacation was great and having the house provisioned could not have worked any better. Having cold beer in the fridge and rum on the counter when we arrived was excellent. Thank you again"

"We sincerely appreciated your service and it did make our arrival to Belize much, much more pleasant. We travel and rent homes frequently, and I must say, we were delighted with the service you provided for us. If we come back to Belize, we will most certainly use your company again."

"Thanks for the great service on our order delivered to White Sands Cove. Thanks again, we highly recommend your organization."

"Now that I am back and caught up with the pile that was on my desk upon my return, I just wanted to say "thank-you" for your help and provisioning service. We had a few items left over which I hope you recovered with all the empty's. I really appreciated your service and will be sure to contact you again next year around this time since it appears our group had a great time."

"Id certainly consider using the service again, and would recommend the service to friends."

"We were all totally pleased with your service and will definitely call on you in the future!!! I don't have a single complaint. The produce was fresh, prices were reasonable and it was all so convenient for us.
Hope to see you soon. Will probably head back down in May."

"I would certainly recommend your services and would use you again."

"We were all very satisfied with the quality, service and billing, Your staff was very gracious and helpful. As first time visitors to Belize, we felt at home right away. I would use your service again and highly recommend it!!"

"It was so pleasant to arrive late in the evening on our first day and
find the things that we had ordered neatly arranged in the house. Food is expensive in Belize, or at least on Ambergris Caye, so we found your prices to be in line with what we saw when we went to the market. The tomatoes and papaya you found for us were so good! And thanks for delivering the extra potatoes to the house, it was nice to meet you."

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